Organic Mix of Coconut Oil and Butter Ghee AMRITA, 500 ml

A mix of organic coconut oil and organic ghee butter. These are complementary subtle tasting fats with an amazing note of nuts that ghi butter features and a mild coconut oil aroma. Ideal for frying at high temperatures.

Nutritional values per  100 g


 3692kJ/ 898 kcal


 99.71 g

-          of which saturated    

 79.75 g


 <0.1 g

-          of which sugar

 <0.1 g


 0.15 g


 <0.1 g

Trans riebalų

<0.1 g

Producer: AMRITA

Country of Origin: organic coconut oil: non-EU, organic butter ghee: Germany.

Ingredients: organic cold pressed coconut oil 60%, organic butter ghee* 40% (milk fat 99.8%, water 0.2%). *Allergens.

Certificates: EU Organic Farming