Set of Organic Spices "Christmas Spirits" AMRITA

Set of organic Ceylon cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger spices. 

Organic ground turmeric has pungent and bitter flavour, provides dishes with a yellowish color. Use in various dishes, soups, sauces. 

Ingredients: organic ground turmeric. 


Organic ground Ceylon cinnamon has a subtly mild sweet taste. Season a variety of dishes, pastries, desserts, sauces, soups, salads or drinks. 

Ingredients: organic ground Ceylon cinnamon.


Organic ground cloves  have a pungent and burning flavor. It is the perfect spice for rice and meat dishes, also for drinks and pastries. 

Ingredients: organic ground cloves.


Storage: once opened keep in an airtight package, in a dry and cool place.

Packed in an environment that handles nuts, sesame seeds, soy and gluten-containing products.



Organic Syrups Gift Set AMRITA (2 pcs) 5,50 EUR 
Organic Syrups Gift Set AMRITA (3 pcs) 8,00 EUR
Organic Spices Gift Set AMRITA 6,00 EUR
Dried Banana Coins, 1 kg 5,95 EUR
Organic Dried Pineapple Chunks AMRITA, 250 g 4,35 EUR
Organic Dried Soft Banana Coins AMRITA, 400 g 3,43 EUR
Organic Dried Mango Chunks AMRITA, 250 g 4,63 EUR
Organic Baking Gift Set AMRITA 9,60 EUR

Producer: AMRITA

Certificates: EU Organic Farming