Coriander CO2-to extract, 25% essential oil AMRITA, 50 ml

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Natural flavoring. Keep out of reach of children.



With the rapid growth of various uses of essential oils - in aromatherapy, cosmetics, culinary, perfumery - their extraction methods are changing. The well-known distillation, which only partially reflects the true odor of a living plant, is being replaced by a new technique - carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to release aromatic substances from plant materials, instead of regular hydrocarbons or vapors. At high pressure, CO2 is pressed until it reaches a liquid density and becomes "supercritical" carbon dioxide - neither gas nor liquid. In this state, it can act as a mild and pure solvent. The beauty of this extraction method is that the CO2 evaporates quickly and completely, leaving no residue. The process does not require heat, which ensures the preservation of all valuable materials. The resulting oil has a similar aroma to natural plants than to steam-distilled essential oils. The smell is fuller and more shades are obtained. You will be fascinated by the expressive nuances of a particular extract yet to be discovered. This method is environmentally friendly, moves in a closed loop.

CO2 extracts are divided into supercritical selections (CO2-select) and supercritical totals (CO2-total).

Supercritical Selective (CO2-se) - Extracted at a lower pressure and the resulting oil is more similar to an essential oil because only lighter aromatic components are released. Nevertheless, the extracts obtained by the CO2 method have a more pronounced odor. Depending on the method of extraction and the plant, the extract may contain from 3% to 50% of essential oils.

Supercritical Total (CO2-to) - Produced using higher pressures that dissolve more plant components. The result may be a thicker consistency or even waxy resemblance to the whole plant rather than just the plant's essential oil fraction. The extract may contain from 35% to 95% essential oils, depending on the method of extraction and the plant. Solid CO2 extracts easily dissolve in hot water. For industrial use, it is recommended that other ingredients are warmed up before mixing.

We buy CO2 extracts directly from manufacturers with long experience in CO2 extraction, who apply extremely high quality standards.

Store in a dry, dark place.

Packed in: AMRITA - UAB EKO PIRK, Mokslininku st 6A, Vilnius.

Country of origin: EU.


Ingredients (INCI): coriandrum sativum, an organic extract of coriander seeds (lot. Lavandula Angustifolia)


For limited use in food - 0.5-2 drops per liter / kg dish.

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