Superfoods (Organic)

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This category includes ingredients that are rich in nutrients (antioxidants, protein, fiber, minerals, omega-3, etc.) and low in calories. Superfoods are items like hemp seeds or flaxseeds.

For people who care about their health and a healthy diet, we suggest that you look into extremely nutritious vegetation from distant lands. One of the most well-known and famous superfoods is the goji berry. Mulberry berries and chia seeds are also surprisingly rich in nutrients and beneficial elements.

As a superfood, you can additionally use vegetable oils, including flaxseed, black seed, pumpkin seed, hemp, and more. You can also supplement your diet with surprisingly nutritious plant powders, including moringa, spirulina, wormwood, and more. It is important not to forget the treasures of the sea - sea vegetables and seaweed are perfect for diversifying your diet.

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