Fine Pink Himalayan Salt in a Jar AMRITA, 300 g

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This salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. Completely natural, unprocessed and chemically free.

Country of Origin
  • Pakistan

Himalayan pink salt is 500 million years old. years. It was formed in the foothills of the Himalayas after the drying up of the old seas and has been lying in the ground for 300-600 years. in depth, protected from environmental influences. It is completely natural, raw and chemically free salt.

Did you know that...

... about 70 percent the human body consists of salt water - exactly as much as there is on the surface of the Earth.
... Salt mined in the Himalayas is 500 million years old.
More about salt

Himalayan salt deposits lie at a depth of 300-600 meters. They were formed hundreds of millions of years ago when ancient seas dried up and the Himalayan mountain range rose. Salt from Himalayan and Siberian mines is the oldest on Earth. Due to the enormous pressure of the past, the salt crystals became an ideal geometric structure, which is often compared to the structure of gems.

Himalayan salt is not affected by environmental pollutants. Himalayan salt is mined in the Salt Range region of Northern Pakistan, which has the world's largest reserves of this salt.

You can find even more useful information about Himalayan salt here:

Manufacturer: AMRITA - UAB EKO PIRK, Lithuania.
Country of origin: Pakistan.
Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt.

Nutritional value
Nutritional value per 100 g

Mineral substances 100 g 100 g RPN*%/100g
Iron 42 mg 297.6%
Calcium 493 mg 61.6%
Magnesium 91 mg 24.3%
Iodine 10 µg 6.7%
Potassium 56 mg 2.8%
*Recommended daily rate

Himalayan salt is used not only for cooking, but also for body care procedures. When preparing food with this salt, it will acquire a more varied, subtle taste.

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